TankCleaner660 is a chemical used in large crude oil storage tanks to liquify paraffin bottoms that are considered to be milk shake consistency and hard pan consistency. Also helps to keep from putting personnel inside these large tanks to clean and remove these types of tank bottoms. 


Shore based crude oil storage tanks can contain up to 1,000,000 bbl. of crude oil and are cleaned for inspection on 5 to 10-year cycles. During this time paraffin wax and asphaltenes precipitate trapping water and inorganic sediment in an uneven profile on the tank floor. Bottom levels are typically 3 feet to 5 feet representing volumes of 2,000 bbl. to 20,000 bbl. of tank bottoms and in some cases much more. Effective storage capacity is reduced by the presence of these tank bottoms. Tank bottoms in general are only removed when the tank has a maintenance need planned or by emergency. Currently, conventional manual removal of tank bottoms is costly, hazardous, and time consuming often creating environmental and safety challenges. This results in difficulties in inventory, operations, and even procurement staffing.



• Liquefies paraffin (milk shake consistency)

• Liquefies paraffin (hard pan consistency)

• Minimizes personnel from entering tanks

• Greatly shortens the downtime to clean tanks

• Decreases costs to clean tanks by at least half


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