MudLube2800 reduces drilling torque and drag, minimizes pipe sticking, and increases bit life. The most effective application is in oil-based mud (OBM) deep and deviated wells. It meets and consistently exceeds requirements specified by NPDES, pertaining to Gulf of Mexico discharges, and does not increase toxicity of the base mud, LC-50 of 465,685 ppm at 5 volume %.

MudLube2800 is also non-foaming, non- fluorescent, non-surface active and  compatible with other typical drilling mud components. MudLube2800 can be added directly  to the mud hopper or to the mud pits. DML-2800 should be kept in closed drums or bulk containers to avoid contact with air or moisture when not in use. To facilitate handling, it may be heated to 130° F (54° C) without adverse effects. MudLube2800 should be maintained between 80-100° F. Exposure to 0° F for a prolonged time period will solidify.  To return the material to its original condition, cold drums should be warmed to 80-100° F. Blending temperature should not exceed 130° F.


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