DRA66 is a one-of-a-kind shear stable blend of hydrocarbons manufactured to reduce fluid viscosity and pour point to act as a drag reducing chemical agent mixing with the crude where it reduces the frictional pressure within the flow.  It removes deposits on the inner pipe walls and works to decrease the amount of energy lost in turbulent flow conditions. This enables operators to increase pipeline flow using the same amount of energy, or decrease the pressure drop for the same fluid flow rate.

Our newly tested and proven DRA is made of pure organic hydrocarbons and does not use any polymers making it suitable for refining and further use.  DRA66 allows heavy oil pipeline operators to increase throughput and ultimately reduce the energy costs to operate pipeline systems in both onshore and offshore pipeline operations.

DRA-66 resists shearing and when it passes through a high-pressure centrifugal pump, it begins to repair itself within seconds and form back to its original structure quickly. Our DRA promotes pump efficiencies to help them work better and reduce maintenance costs.  Polymer based drag reducers require specialized pumping equipment due to their breakdown while sitting in storage.  DRA66 can be pumped directly from the shipping container through standard chemical pumps and filters and has a much better shelf life that doesn’t require mixing.

Lastly, our standard DRA66 includes a Paraffin Dispersant/Inhibitor that dissolves Paraffin and continues to work in storage systems.  If you have a pipeline that needs DRA, but does not have Paraffin, we can work with you to formulate a unique DRA66 solution to address your flow assurance needs.


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