Honey Cut

Honey Cut cleaner/degreaser is an optimized, readily biodegradable, non-caustic soda  surfactant blend for water-based degreasing technology. Honey Cut is efficient for cleaning wireline grease/honey oil used in pressure control. Honey Cut can replace a solvent based cleaner. The powerful cleaning performance of Honey Cut is used as a concentrate for the listed applications.



  • Wireline Equipment

  • Honey Oil Splatter

  • Pressure Control

  • Slickline

  • Wireline Grease






Bio Suds

Bio-Suds is an optimized, readily biodegradable, zero VOC, no caustic soda surfactant blend for water-based degreasing. Bio-Suds is efficient for cleaning organic soils, such as grease and oil. Bio- Suds can often replace a solvent for cleaning. The powerful and versatile cleaning performance of Bio-Suds can be used in a wide range of applications.




  • Vehicle cleaning

  • Engine cleaning

  • Industrial cleaning

  • All-purpose cleaning

  • Descaling






Mud Buster

Mud Buster is a general maintenance and floor cleaner that provides excellent performance in a variety of general maintenance applications. Mud Buster can be mixed with water before use. Concentrations will vary based upon the type and amount of dirt to be removed and method of application. 




  • Drilling Rigs

  • Equipment

  • Floors

  • Engines

  • Heavy Equipment Haulers

  • Heavy Truck Fleets

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